who's playing the father on 'Raven's home' has been revealed

scandal 23/05/2017

Literally some of the best things about growing up was no bills, after school naps, and Disney Channel.

One of our fav shows on there was, ofcourse, 'That's So Raven' which is why we freaked TF out when we heard there was a reboot in the works!

There are a few things we know so far. We know that it's going to be called 'Raven's Home' and going to be about Raven as a mum and her children. but that left us wondering... Who's the dad?  

Turns out it's Jonothan McDaniel buut if you're sitting there wondering who that actually is (dw we were too) he played Raven's boyfriend in the original 'That's so Raven'!


In the new series the pair are going to be divorced so, unless you can see into the future like Raven, We'll have to wait till the show comes out to see what happened there.