What is Katy Perry hiding on her costume at the Met Gala

scandal 02/05/2017

Katy Perry looks gorgeous at this years Met Gala, wearing a red John Galliano dress with a specially designed veil to match, but it turns out there's a secret message hiding in amoungst the beauty.

The singers red veil appears to read the word "Witness," but it's left fans asking "What are we even supposed to be witnessing?"

“Witness” isn't connected to any of John Galliano’s designs, which Perry is wearing, or anything by Rei Kawakubo, who is being honoured with this years theme, which leaves fans with one theory.

Speculation grew over the last few weeks that "Witness" would be the name of the next Perry album, and this veil is all but confirming it.

Of course just wearing the veil doesn't confirm anything, but a super fan managed to spot a stamp reading "Project Witness” on the truck she took to Times Square last week to promote her new single, “Bon Appetit.”

The suspense is getting to us, so hopefully we find out SOON!!!!