How did we all miss the most heartbreaking detail in ‘13 Reasons Why'

trending 08/05/2017

'13 Reasons Why' came out on the 31st of March, and to be honest if we gotta keep on warning you that there's gonna be spoilers, you gonna have to just finish that show already and get with the programme.

Alright, you may get a little sad reading this.

Fans of the popular Netflix show have pointed out that there's a MASSIVE part of the show that we all missed, and we only really missed it because it was literally the first thing we hear in the show.

Throwing back to episode one and we get a shot of Hannah's locker for the first time.

It shows her classmates mourning her suicide along with the Colin & Caroline
song, 'More Than Gravity.'

We then here the recording of Tape 1 for the first time, as well as being introduced to Clay Jensen in the halls.

Now after watching the show and listening to all of your friends talk about it for the last month, you'll def know by now that Clay was in love with Hannah... still breaks our hearts every time :(

Remember back to episode one?

Initially we had no idea just how much Clay truly loved Hannah but once we see Clay for a bit longer on the screen, we can hear the lyrics in the song... and now we realise how important that scene was to the rest of the show!

The song is depicting everything Clay is going through in the first episode and we never knew because we didn't know yet.

We travel forwards to the last episode, remembering when Clay was talking to Mr. Porter about Hannah…. Well, they're basically the exact same thing.

The song plays a massive part of the story, describing what Clay was going through the whole time, but no one realised.

If you've got some spare time we definitely rate going back to episode one and comparing it to the last episode, you know, just for the feels. :(

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicide, please reach out to Lifeline New Zealand now