'13 Reasons Why' theory about Tony is crazy, but does make sense

scandal 01/05/2017

If you haven't seen it already, then you need to! And you may want to stop reading right now. 


We keep seeing new theories pop up everywhere, but this one is probably the one that breaks most hearts and could make the most sense. 

Tony is a tattoo-covered, wisdom-full lad who looks like he's 30 years old, but still in high school. He just seems so out of place. 

While all the other teenagers are struggling to cope with their classmate's suicide and their part to play in it, Tony seems to be the only one not involved in any of the drama and seems to be serving as a moral compass to Clay in particular. 

Apparently, these not-so-normal teen behaviours had a lot of people thinking Tony was some sort of guardian angel.

It's like he's been sent to carry out Hannah Baker's dying wish and he does seem to pop up out of thin air whenever Clay is struggling. 

But there are a few issues with this theory:

We see him beating up a guy at the docks with his brothers. 
How would he have the tapes to hand on in the first place?
And he dated Ryan in the past and Brad now. Do guardian angels date humans?

However, if you do agree with this theory, then it may hurt you to think that the show ends with Tony, Clay, Skye and Tony's boyfriend Brad driving off into the sunset... and Tony is driving the car. Kind of makes it seem like they're all dead.