This new '13 Reasons Why' fan theory is actually so, so dark

trending 26/04/2017

The worst part is that it makes complete sense...

If you've already finished Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, then you're probs in the same boat as us - wondering what happens next.

While according to this new fan theory, season 2 will most likely follow the below storyline.


You still wanna keep reading? Okay, you're choice... don't say we didn't warn you then.

Obviously if you've finished season one, you'll know that something pretty "heavy" was about to go down involving troubled outcaster Tyler and the insane stockpile of guns he'd bought.

Weeeeeell, when Tyler's actor Devin Druid spoke out during an interview he accidentally revealed that the next season might follow his story and devastating actions.

Speaking to Seventeen Magazine, he said: 

"When I first read that Tyler bought a gun, I immediately freaked out because I was just so surprised. But when I read it again, I realized it wasn't so surprising. This is actually a perfectly natural place for his character to go after everything he's been through. I even saw some people on Twitter that were like, 'Oh, I called this for Tyler's character since episode three.' So this isn't a magical dream possibility. This is something that people can see as a natural place for him to go."

So by the sounds of it... Tyler goes out on a mass shooting and kills the 13 people on his own list. But who are the people on Tyler's list?

"There's this one scene with Marcus and Courtney where he's like, 'I know a lot more than just what's on the tapes. I see everything. I have pictures of everything.' And Marcus is like, 'What are you talking about?' and Tyler says something along the lines of, 'What have you done around here that you don't want anyone to know about? I take a lot of pictures,'" Devin dished to Seventeen.

Fans have now taken to Twitter with their own sub-theories. 


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