Science reveals the one thing that will stop your heartache

trending 27/04/2017

A new study has found the absolute one thing that will definitely help you get over your ex... 

Having your heartbroken is no fun for anyone, and one of the worst parts about it is all the sh*t advice your friends give you that never works. Like, EVER.

You know what we mean, right? Advice like "finding a rebound" or "getting drunk" are all total bull. They might work temporarily, but they're defs not what you need in the long-run.

A new study done by researchers inb Colorado have proven that there is only ONE thing that is proven to work, and it's easy asf.


All you have to do is literally "fake it until you make it."

We know, it's so underwhelming right? 

According to this new study you just need to, "act like you're already over them. Do things that you're convinced are helping you get over your ex, whether it be hooking up with someone new or sitting on the couch watching rom-coms."

After you do this for a while, you'll eventually just get over it.

“Just the fact that you are doing something for yourself and engaging in something that gives you hope may have an impact.”