Here's how much you should be earning according to your age

trending 18/04/2017

How much money should you be earning at your current age? Well keep on reading and you'll find out... 

According to Statistics New Zealand, each age-bracket should be earning a certain amount of money (annually). 

The average income for a New Zealander is reported as $1,086 per week (before tax)... but what should you be earning according to your current AGE? 

Income data that was provided exclusively to NZ Herald revealed exactly what each of these age-brackets should be earning. 

Check them out below!

15-19 - $356 per week

20-29 - $831 per week

30-39 - $1,194 per week

40-49 - $1324 per week (this is the highest age bracket)

50-59 - $1,218 per week

60+ - $941

The director of HR at Positive People told NZ Herald that those in their 40s are at the highest "peak" in their careers and personal lives.

"Whether having had a long training period in tertiary institutions as a younger person or having learned the ropes on the job since leaving school, the 40s is the time when most working people are fit, well, energetic and highly motivated to meet family and domestic commitments."

He went on to say, "young children and mortgages do wonders for motivation. The workplace is also able to provide the environment and challenge to meet and realise personal goals."