Ed Sheeran serenaded an ill fan before her last breath

scandal 20/04/2017

Just another reason to love our old mate, Ed Sheeran...

Although this happened three years ago, it has only been shared to the media now and it's suuuuuper heartwarming.

The story about 15-year-year old Triona, who passed away after being serendaed by Ed Sheeran came out after her older brother appeared on Ireland's 'The Ray D'Arcy Show' recently.

Her brother said that before she passed away (due to cystic fibrosis) in April 2014, Ed fulfilled her last dream to hear him sing her favorite song of his.

“We were in this small little ICU room. Triona in this huge bed covered in tubes and machines,” Aiden narrated.

“My brother left the room. He returned then and said, ‘I’m just going to put you on loudspeaker,’ and he clicks it, then Ed Sheeran comes on and saying, ‘Hi Triona. I hear you’re a big fan.”

He began chanting Triona’s favorite song “Little Bird” until she took her very last breath.

Her brother continued, “Then, we hang up on him – probably a bit rude at the time – the doctor lifts the stethoscope to tell us her heart had stopped. And we take the mask off because she’d been on a machine to breathe – and in that moment, I remember, a burst of light comes from the window and she smiled.”

This would explain what Ed Sheeran's heartbreaking tweet was about back in 2014.

We love you, Ed!