Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa open up their Riverdale 'bromance'

trending 20/04/2017

We are secretly in love with them both.

Riverdale actors Cole Sprouse and our very own KJ Apa have opened up about their little "bromance" and it's pretty cuuaaaate.

Speaking exclusively with Vogue, Cole and KJ opened up about their on-screen Riverdale characters, Archie and Jughead.

When speaking about the character of Jughead, Colse Sprouse revealed, “I think he’s one of those characters [who] is a little bit vain and considers himself to be a little better than the people he surrounds himself with.”  

He went on to say, “he’s an introvert, so he’s nervous being around large groups of people,” which explains why he only has one friend, Archie Andrews.

While we're on the subject of Archie, he says: “Archie remains a fundamental tether to the characters of the comics, in which he’s sort of this guy who ends up in these situations and is totally unequipped. I hope that people catch that storyline.”

Cole says, “we try to keep all those tethers with the characters, whether it’s Betty or Veronica or Jughead or Archie’s clumsiness or naiveté.”

When talking about the character of Archie, KJ says he, "thinks the best of people.I think that is also associated with the problems he’s dealing with. All his mates are going through things with their parents, like [Jughead’s dad] going to jail and stuff. And although Archie is trying to help his friends, the whole football and music thing was the main storyline for him starting off, until his mum comes home and all the stuff with Jason.”