'13 Reasons Why' had therapy dogs on set for one scene

scandal 24/04/2017

If you haven't seen the incredible13 Reasons Why then you need to ASAP!

It's an incredible show that tackles some big issues so it's not hard to believe the cast needed some support for some of the more difficult scenes.

So that's where some adorable therapy dogs stepped in to make filming the intense scenes much easier to shoot.

In an interview with PopSugar, Dylan Minnette (Clay) and Katherine Langford (Hannah) said therapy dogs were on set to help the actors cope with one specific scene.

“I know there was one scene, I wasn’t around, but they had therapy dogs on set. There was a puppy per hour,” Minnette said. “They really tried to help out. The puppies helped. [Langford] had the brunt of the emotional stuff. I mean, we all have very emotional parts, but this is about her character.”

When there weren't dogs on set, the actors used other ways to deal with filming difficult scenes. Langford told E! that she watched old episodes of “The Office” and played piano after intense days on set.

“For me, what kind of eased it was that when I got there we had to find locations to live and inhabit for the next six months. The first thing that I put in my apartment was a piano,” Langford said. “I bought one for $50 and it was a lifesaver because I just went home and played and played.”