How much is Emma Watson being paid for Beauty and the Beast?

scandal 21/03/2017

Here's a hint: it's a record breaker...

Emma Watson’s new movie "Beauty and the Beast" has opened in the US and is killing it (it opens in NZ next Wednesday btw).

It has set box office records with a massive $170 million opening which is the best opening for a PG movie.

The previous record-holder was last year's "Finding Dory", with $135 million.

It was also the best March opening for ANY movie. Internationally it has made $350 million after one weekend.

Our girl Emma Watson was paid $3 million upfront for the movie, but depending on how well "Beauty and the Beast" does, she could pocket up to $15 million which is a record breaker for her!

The movie opens in NZ next Thursday, March 30th.