Here's how much men actually lie about their penis size

scandal 07/03/2017

Let's be honest, most guys have done it at one stage or another... but how much do men actually lie about their penis size?

The majority of dudes reading this would probably have measured their d*ck at least once in their life, am I right? Yes, I am. 

How am I right? Well let me tell you.

The team over at Saucy Dates conducted a survey that aimed to prove how far men really lied when it came to penis size.

They surveyed 953 guys and 726 girls across six different nations and asked both sexes what they believed to be the truthful size of the guy's penis.

The results found out which country's men lie more than others... and the Australian men were found to be the most dishonest! (NZ wasn't included in the survey).

Men reported an average of 7.24 inches, but women answered with only 5.58 inches! 

On the other hand, men from Canada and India tended to underestimate themselves.