Ed Sheeran totally banged a T-Swift #squad member

scandal 08/03/2017

In celebration of his long-awaited return after retiring from the spotlight for nearly a year, Ed yarned with Rolling Stone for what can only be described as one of the most epic-and-simultaneously-shady interviews like ever.

One of the many thing's we love about Ed (literally in love with him) is his ability to tune out the petty celeb gossip he's involved with pretty much everyday. But sh*t our boy is shaking things up and pretty much adresses every rumour that has ever been said about him... including the on-going questions about whether him and Taylor ever hooked up.

“I found that aspect quite lazy journalism,” he says of the rumors in gossip mags. “There wasn’t any truth to it whatsoever.” 

However, he does admit to hooking up with certain (unnamed) members of T-Swift’s famous squad... Taylor’s world is celebrity,” he reveals.

“I was this 22-year-old awkward British kid going on tour with the biggest artist in America, who has all these famous mates. It was very easy. … I would often find myself in situations just kind of waking up and looking over and being like, 'How the f@#k did that happen?'”

Ed also went on to reveal that he's been low-key working on assembling a boy band?! WHAT. 

Check out Rolling Stone for the full Ed chat, boy it's a goodie!