Ed casually thanks his rents by buying them a pool and a gym

scandal 21/02/2017

Given Ed is one of the most successful artists in the music biz, it's no surprise that he's got a bit of loose change up his sleeve.

Instead of a simple 'Thank You card, Ed bought his parents (John and Imogen) a pool and a gym and got them installed in their house!

"I think any kid at my age starts getting worried about their parents' health," Ed said to The Sun. "I have bought them a cross-trainer and built them a swimming pool."

"They are now training and swimming every day. I want them to be able to hang out with their grandkids for a very long time."

Ed seems to be a fan of upgrading homes, he's gone all out in his own place and built his very own underground pub!

"I've built a pub. Like, I had a bar before, a bar where you could pour beers but now this has like a selection of beers, which is cool," he said. "So, basically, there's an underground tunnel to get there that you can close off. So, if I have a party, everyone goes in the pub and no one can get in the house so you get no one raiding the cupboards or smashing anything. You have to go underground to get to the pub."

As if you needed another reason to love Ed!