This is what makes you happy, according to your zodiac sign

trending 12/01/2017

According to horoscope science, each star sign has ONE thing that is guaranteed to make them happy.

The team over at Elite Daily researched into what that one thing was, and it was preeeeeetty damn interesting.

Check them all out below:


Aries love nothing more than to take on a new challenge!

They are always the first people to take on a bet, start an argument or plan new goals and adventures and a real risk takers!

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Taurus are known for needing a peaceful lifestyle. They need to feel relaxed and be in a tranquil environment to "think things over," which means that is is essential for them to have some reliability and stability in their lifestyles.

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These guys are reeeeeeeeal talkers. If they're not involved in some form of conversation, they need to be either reading, writing, texting or blogging to keep themselves happy.

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The most important thing in the world for Cancers is to feel like they're appreciated, loved and cared for. Staying at home and having a private sanctuary is super important to them.

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Leo's are all about the aesthetics of life. They always need to be the "star" of the show at aaaaall times, and love lapping up all and any attention they can get. If you give a Leo a geniune compliment, it will literally make their day.

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Virgo love to be of service to everyone around them, and have a real struggle to say no to people. Being acknowledged for their acts of service and helpfulness makes them feel intelligent.

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The one thing Libra needs to feel content is to live a laid-back life. They are incredibley skilled at avoiding drama in any situation or relationship, and try to create harmony between everyone.

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The idea of having a private life is almost equal to the feeling of being powerful. To Scorpio, the more info they leave "out there" in the world, the more suceptable they are to harm. 

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Saggi's are hands down the most adventurous sign out of all. They have a contstant need to explore and try new things, and they love unplanned events and spontaneous more than anything else.

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Capricorn's are the most "status-conscious" sign of the zodiacs, and they have a constant need to feel respected. They love nothing more than to feel authoritive and to be seen as the mature one of the group.

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These guys need to be seen by others as unique and different. Being viewed as a "crowd follower" is their worst fear. Aquarius live their life by their own standards, and they do it differently to everyone else, just because they can. 

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Pisces are considered the "lone zodiac sign" as they require a lot of time to just think and be alone. 

They are very imaginative and creative, so they need to take time out to sit back and process it all... however it takes them some time to learn this as they're so empathetic and are easily caught up in doing what everyone else is doing.

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You can see the full story and read more about your zodiac sign over at Elite Daily.