This is what happens to you when you stop using social media

trending 27/01/2017

We all know how good it feels to get 200 likes on an Insta selfie, right? But as confidence-boosting as social media can be, it is also toxic af and pretty bad for your mental health. 

There are 6 amaaaaazing things that happen to you when you stop using social media.

1. You focus on the people you're actually with in RL (once you stop putting all your time and energy into random followers online who you've never met then you begin to focus on real life people).

2. You appreciate life and all the little things in it (because social media takes up such a big part of our lives, we forget to appreciate what's right in front us).

3. You have more time for yourself (and less time checking notifications and trying to grow your Insta followers).

4. You will be more productive (there are less distractions on your phone for you to constantly keep checking and less time wasted aimlessly scrolling through stagnant feeds).

5. You will improve your relationships with friends and family (being off social media means you actually have to interact with people face-to-face).

6. You will regain your confifence (you're away from all the negativeness and cyber-bullying online which means you'll eventually gain back any lost self-confidence).

Just remember... when you spend more time looking down than looking up, you're missing out on more than you realise.

Also - if people really care about you and how you're doing, they can always make the effort to get hold of you via emails, text messages and phone calls. Oh, and face-to-face conversation of course!

This story was written by OMGTodd!