Lorde lowkey drops a major hint that new music is coming

scandal 11/01/2017

Okay it’s looking like Lorde is set to make a big comeback in early 2017 and WE. ARE. SHOOK.

Time to stop teasing and just drop some *sick-yet-slightly-goth-beats* girl!

First of all she was just announced on the official lineup of NYC's Governors Ball, and the festy's of all festy's #Coachella ~casually alongside the likes of Queen Bey and Kendrick~ and now she's taken to Insta to drop a not-so-subtle hint that she's about to hit the road again with some brand new tuuuuuuunes.

Lorde captioned the #foodporn inspired pic:

Really enjoying domestic bullshit like toast and folding towels before I'm back to thumbing through the room service menu in the middle of the night.