'Making a Murderer's' Steven Avery may be guilty after all

scandal 03/02/2017

As if we needed another twist in the stresso roller coaster of emotions that is the true crime documentary series Making A Murderer.

A new piece of evidence has surfaced that may change the way you see the case entirely.

A former cellmate of Steven's has released a public statement, claiming that he admitted that he was in fact guilty of the crime.

Steven Avery told me that he had seen Teresa out at the salvage yard before. He said that he had thought that Teresa would be an easy lay because he didn't think she was all that pretty or anything. …but she did have a sexy bottom on her. He said he put the knife to Teresa's throat as he guided her to his bedroom. Steven said Teresa was crying and begging him not to kill her.

Obviously this is all hearsay; this guy can't actually prove Avery told him any of this. But it might be enough to make some viewers question their loyalties!