Kris Jenner reportedly offers Blac Chyna $5M to ditch Rob


So yesterday we reported that after all thatRob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are back together after a "heat of the moment" separation. Um WTF?

"He apologized to her on the phone," a source close to the 28-year-old model tells Us. "She was just sick of him and his behavior. She had it with his insecurities and jealousy."

Well it looks like Chyna has blown strike 3, and the Kardashian clan want her out.

Kris Jenner is reportedly trying to end everything between Rob and Chyna after learning that Chyna may only be using Rob for money and fame. Kris is apparently offering Chyna $5 million to walk away from the entire relationship, including their baby.

Kris thinks that Chyna didn't want to have Dream and only did to cash in on having a daughter with the last name "Kardashian."

Look, we couldn't care less either way, we just hope this isn't affecting Dream tbh.