If you're a 'Stranger Things' fan then you'll love 'The Oa'

Vids 15/12/2016

If you're having maaaaajor 'Stranger Things' withdrawals like us, then you NEED to start watching this new series ASAP.

The series is called 'The OA' and has been compared quite heavily to Netflix's 'Stranger Things' and even 'Westwold' which means it HAS to be good, right?

It stars Brit Marling and Lucius Malfoy and follows the story of a blind girl who goes missing and then suddenly returns home after SEVEN YEARS of noone knowing where she's been.

And that's not even the strangest part... get this - she returns home after seven years with her sight restored!

She refuses to talk to her family about her whereabouts or why she can all of a sudden see.

Watch the trailer above and find the series on Netflix now.