What Steven Adams can buy with his ridiculous new pay cheque

Our boy and OKC Thunder pro-basketballer, Steven Adams, just signed a whopping four-year, US $100 million contract with the OKC! 

This casually makes him the highest paid New Zealand athlete in HISTORY. Period.

What's the first thing he bought since the nice chunk of moola? A new phone, becuase he dropped his in the toilet. 

*It's reasuring to now that even with a $100 mil pay check that good ol' Steve is just as clumsy as the rest of us*

So, after signing his big contract, we did the only logical thing any other poor (seriously we need help) person would do. We wanted to know what exactly the 23-year-old big man could afford to buy with his new pay cheque (Now we wish we didn't). 

*Prepare yourselves, this literally made us question our entire existence*

Steve has enough money to buy all of these things, EVERY DAY for the next FOUR YEARS!

A private yacht, 2016 Audi A3, a weekend away for 2 at a 5-Star hotel in Tahiti, a pair of Louboutin heels, full body massage, an iPhone 7, dinner for 2 at The Chateau Marmont, a magnum bottle of vintage Dom Perignon Champagne, and a VIP double pass to Justin Bieber!

Thanks to our The Edge Workday's host (and part-time YouTube sensation) Megan for getting her Mathematician brain on, cause we all know everyone else would of been hopeless!