Kendall Jenner deletes her Instagram account

scandal 15/11/2016

You're not wrong in feeling that something was missing from your Instagram news feed. It seems that Kendall Jenner may have pulled a Justin Bieber and deactivated her account on the photo sharing app.

She reportedly ditched the app this morning and is yet to return. At this point, the star has yet to address exactly why her Instagram is gone; her Twitter and Facebook accounts are still activated.

Maybe it's got something to do with her struggle with anxiety, or sleep paralysis (OKAY KENDALL WE GET IT). Or maybe it was big sis Kimmy that got in her head and convinced her to quit the app.

According to Hollywood Life, Kim was actually the one who advised Kendall Jenner to take a break from social media and to delete her Instagram account!

A source tells Hollywod Life, "Kim told Kendall to pull the plug on the haters".

Well, we can totally understand why the 21-year-old model made such a big decision based on advice from her big sis, all jokes aside it must be pretty intense, and we hope she gets back to her normal self soon! xx