Edge listeners reveal their worst stag-do secrets

trending 09/11/2016

We asked our listeners what the worst thing that had ever happened on a hens or stag-do was... and this is what we got.

Listen to the voice break above, or read the awkard af confessions below!

1. "A stripper accidentally put her stilleto heel right through the groom's thigh... he went to a hospital and got six stitches put in. His wife still doesn't know what the scar is from to this day..." 

2. "I did the 'goblin run' at a game of paint ball (where all your mates shoot at you all at once). I tripped and my mask fell off, I got shot in the ear and I couldn't hear anything in my ear for an entire week."

3. "I got shot on the nose on my stag do by best man. It took all the skin off my nose two days before the wedding" 

4. "My husband did the Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungee, and they made the rope a bit too long, he ended up hitting the water face first and had two black eyes for the wedding"

5. "At my mates stag, the stripper punished him with a belt and the pin on the belt pierced his skin about 20 times... he came home black and blue just in time for the wedding"

6. "The stripper at my mates stag used sex toys on him infront me and and all the other guys. It was super akward to watch."

7. "I woke up with my best mate's soon-to-be wife the morning after his stag do. We haven't spoken since"