Coldplay are allowing you to chose their set list

scandal 02/11/2016

It's been done before... (and hilariously failed) but Coldplay are bringing it back...

They're officially allowing Kiwis to vote for what songs they should perform at their New Zealand show!

The boys have taken to social media to open the floor to fan suggestions, allowing one suggestion per fan. 

Scrolling through the responses, it appears a lot of people struggled with the one-per-person rule, and the setlist for the show might end up being 2011’s Mylo Xyloto album track Us Against The World on repeat.

This is not the first time these kinda things have failed...

Remeber that one time, in 2012, when Taylor Swift was taking votes as to which school she should perform live at... Yeah, that didn't really go to plan when the winning school ended up being a school for the deaf.

Pitbull has also been a victim of Internet trolls pranking these kinda things... Also ironically back in 2012, Pitbull was working alongside USA mega store Walmart, and allowed customers to vote for which store he would perform live at... Turns out the winning store was a in a small Alaskan town with a population of around 50 people *Lel*

Let's hope for our sake Coldplay have a plan of attack to prevent this happening... 


Click here to vote for what song you want the boys to perform at their Auckland show! #AucklandRequest #ColdplayAuckland