Hydrothermal eruption up to 30m high in Lake Rotorua

trending 28/11/2016

#BREAKING 10.42am Lake Rotorua is rumbling, with reports of water eruptions up to 30m high in the air.

GNS has confirmed what they are saying was a "hyrdothermal eruption" in Lake Rotorua.

Volcanologist Brad Scott says the style of the eruption was one which hadn't been seen in Rotorua since 2000 and was "slightly anomalous."

He went on to say the last eruptions were 15 years ago, and they are currently "unsure" as to why it has happened again.

Numerous Rotorua residents were awoken by the sound of a "geyser" of water shooting 20m to 30m in the air.

More info to come...