Rachel McAdams is totally keen for a 'Mean Girls' renuion

October 3rd has come and gone, but it seems we could be celebrating another Mean Girls Day in the future... at least, if Rachel McAdams has anything to do with it!

The 2004 cult favorite that's still a pop culture obsession may not have seen the end of its reign, and in a recent interview, Rachel said that though she and her former cast mates reunited a few years ago it "wasn't enough," and if there were ever the opportunity for, say, a musical, she'd be in.

In a recent interview she told E!:

I mean, I loved that movie... I love Tina Fey. I love the girls. I mean, to get to kind of have a reunion would be...we got to have a reunion at a photo shoot a couple of years ago and it was over like that and it wasn't enough. I was back in it.

She also answered the question we all want the answer to... Where the hell is 'fugly' Regina George (AKA Queen of Skanks) now...

Regina's probably had a few babies who are plotting your demise in the womb