Attention Harry Potter fans, there's a real life Hogwarts!

scandal 28/10/2016

We've low-key been waiting for this moment *forever*. Grab your broomsticks, catch up one some last minute study of the dark arts, we're going to Hogwarts baaaaaaaaaaaaby!

Harry Potter fans it looks like dreams really do come true because there is a real life Hogwarts starting next year!!

A group started by die hard Potterheads *aka literally all of us* is launching their own wizarding school in France next May. (Why is gotta be in France tho?)

Unfortunately an owl be flying by to drop you off an enrolement form anytime soon, you actually have to enrol, but that's a price we're just willing to pay.

100 aspiring Wizards and Witches will get their chance to study magic and live in the School's Dorms (which better be sorted into the different houses otherwise we're out) We do have some bad news though... The classes will be taught in French. 

*BRB learning French and packing our bags as we speak*

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