Bieber's first NZ stadium show is pretty much sold out

According to TicketMaster, there is only a 'handful' of tickets left to what could easily be the most hyped concert of the year.

Bieber is set to take the stage at Mt Smart Stadium on March 18th, which has a casual capacity of a chill 46,000 people.

Can we just take a sec to think about how much money he would be earning from this show alone...

46,000 people, all pretty much sold out. Ticket prices average around $180, 46,000 x $180 = 8 F*CKING MILLION!!!!!!!!

BRB just selling our soul to the devil, joining the Illuminati, and becoming a overnight pop sensation.

Disclaimer: Not all of this money will go to Bieber himself, after costs, venue, and crew payments, he's probably sitting around the $5,000,000 mark.