Vets want everyone to stop buying pugs

scandal 23/09/2016

Pugs, bulldogs and frenchies are the three most popular breeds of dog in NZ right now.

It's not hard to see why we love these guys with their big eyes, squashed noses and adorable smiles, but the President of the British Veterinary Association says we should stop buying these little guys.

Dr Melanie Latter, a spokesperson for the Aussie Veterinary Association said that, "unfortunately many people don’t realise the health and welfare problems associated with the characteristic flat faces of these breeds."

These flat-faced pooches have been known to have serious breathing and also eye problems and some even need to have corrective surgeries to help them breathe.

Some pups also can have severe lifelong breathing difficulties, corneal ulcers, skin disease, a screw-shaped tail which can cause spine abnormalities, and some can't even give birth naturally.

All you'll want to do now is go and cuddle as many pugs as you can!

Dr Latter has advised those of us who really just need a pug or bulldog to "source the dog from responsible registered breeders. You can ask about the health history of the parent dogs, check that the parent dogs have features which are more moderate, or consider a cross breed instead."

Source: Scoopla