PURPLE GOANNA? Maybe not for long....

We all have to experience a Purple G once right?

The foul yet iconic Purple Goanna RTD that we all love to hate is under threat of extinction, but thanks to a pretty solid argument made by one Otago student writer, the drink may continue to sit on the shelves for some time.

It would be rude not to let the next generation experience the horror that is a Purple G at least once - right?

Chug Norris’ from the Critic Te Ārohi, wrote about the threat to the famously horrible RTD saying: “The habitats in which Purple Gs used to thrive are now being threatened by the expansion of invasive species.”

He continued to say the drinks are being replaced by “blander species of generic RTDs.”

"Where there was once a cheeky purple lizard, there are now plain, endless variations of the same drink."
We agree that there needs to be some sort of contrast to mix up the tasting pot - even if we have to settle for the putrid taste of filthy, purple acid.

As said by ‘Chug’, “They inspire a mix of anger, repulsion and fear in those that have experienced them and lived to tell the tale. They are barely fit for human consumption.”

Other Kiwis are noticing the threat and have shared their thoughts on the drink going extinct.

One bloke says he can’t remember the last time he saw someone with an old classic in their hand.

Another shared the pride of her Purple G roots from the mighty Waikato after her Auckland workmates didn’t know what the drink was.

That is the most devastating news I have heard all week.

It’s fair to say we all agree that Purple Goannas should never be your first choice of drink, but along with the guys from The Critic, we can only hope that the vibrant purple glow can continue to horrify all that it finds its way into the hands of serving a key role of making smarter drinking choices.

Long live the Purple G.