The Edge Tasty Tuesdays with Jimmy's Takeaways!

Making lunch is the most boring and hardest decision to make, that you just can't be bothered and end up going to buy it right?

Well thanks to Jimmy's Takeaways you don't have to! Win a workplace shout of Fish 'n Chips delivered by your Edge Road Runners for Tasty Tuesdays!

That's extremely tasty right?!

Text the keyword JIMMYS with your name and workplace to 3343 and the Edge Road Runners could be turning up to your workplace with all the goodness you could ever need to fill that tum.

Hungry but don't have too much money to spend? Jimmy's Takeaways have a range of specials including a $2 pohara burger! Check them out on Vine Street, Whangarei today.

Jimmy's Takeaways Facebook Page