The Edge Road Runners with Hundy!

Win 29/07/2020

The warmer months are on the way, our calendars are filling up with events and we know there are a few lemonades to be consumed.. So we've teamed up with the legends at Hundy™ to help you get back to Hundy in record time!

Catch up with our Road Runners out and about to score tickets to the hottest events, experiences for you and your mates, free food and drinks plus of course, free Hundy™ packs!

Hundy™ is derived from natural ingredients and designed to support the body’s natural recovery from overindulgence. Only the good stuff goes in, so no additives, flavorings, e-numbers, or colorings.

Hundy™ active ingredients, including a herbal extract from the Japanese Raisin Tree, is designed to aid your liver with the processing of toxins and supports the brain’s GABA receptors. Helping you get back to feeling Hundy™ in record time.

You have to remember to take Hundy™ before you go to bed, because taking it in the morning won’t make you feel any better.

TAPS Approval #11425

Read the label, take as directed.