Here are the 12 reasons you were always anxious in the '90s

Pics 03/02/2017

1. Ruining your lighter coloured Crayola marker

Photo credit: Crayola

It took one small stroke or yellow coming in contact with green, black or blue marker to be completely ruined forever. 

2. Headmistress The Trunchbull

Photo credit: TriStar Pictures

Her idea of detention is to put children into a horrific torture device known as the Chokey, a tall narrow cupboard with jagged edges where the walls have broken glass and nails sticking out. She hated children and made us fear school.

3. The creepy temple guards from Legends of the Hidden Temple

Photo credit: Nickelodeon

Nothing made walking around corners more uncomfortable than the thought of an f***ing temple guard lunging out at you.

4. The intense panic felt during Heads down, Thumbs up

Photo credit: Lani hyde Photography

Whether you were sitting there with your head down, waiting in anticipation to feel your thumb pinched, or you were the chooser standing nervously, hoping whoever you selected didn’t know it was you. Too much stress for a five-year-old.

5. Brainy coming up behind Helga and loudly breathing down her neck

Photo credit: Nickelodeon

The thought of this boys hot breath on the back of someone's neck is enough to give you goose-bumps. 

6. Everything that took place on America's Most Wanted

Photo credit: 20th Television

You see all these terrible things criminals have done and of course all of them are still on the loose and you can't help but think whether they have made it to your country yet...

7. The THX sound that played before movies

Photo credit: THX

Why would they make this so bloody frightening? Maybe the T.V was always too loud, but even on a low volume it still managed to give you an uncomfortable feeling. 

8. Driving on Mario Kart's Rainbow Road

Photo credit: Nintendo

Trying to stay on this bad boy has been the most stressful driving moment life has thrown us. At no point in real life has driving been as stress-inducing as it was on Rainbow Road. 

9. Trying to correctly guess "Who's that pokemon?"

Photo credit: The Pokemon Company International

Once you saw the silhouette, you had a little bit of time to figure it out. Unfortunately there were instances in which many of us got the answer incorrect and it still weighs heavily on us to this day.

10. The fast Super Mario Bros. music that played when you were running out of time

Photo credit: Nintendo

It was on! As soon as you heard the running out of time alert sound, your heart would beat 10x faster. You knew you had no choice but to risk it all and speed through.

11. The music that played when Sonic was drowning

Photo credit: Nintendo

How was anyone supposed to focus on finishing the level with panic music playing in the background!

12. Having "Sam The Patient's" life in your hand while playing Operation

Photo credit: Hasbro

My God, the pressure! Although this game had been out for a lot of time before the '90s, trying to remove a broken heart is always very traumatizing. But wait, there’s more, don’t touch the sides or you will get “buzzed” and poor Sam will die. Life and death, its your call.