We're all about Kylie Jenner's sexy new lingerie line

Pics 21/11/2016

Seriously, what can't this girl do. Time and time again, KJ has proven to be the ultimate style queen with some serious goals no one will stand in the way of.

You've all heard of her famous Lip Kit, but Kylie just added another product to her empire that will soon knock that 'matte lip liner' right off the top of your Xmas list!

Kylie took to Insta to share some seriously *saucy* pics, leading fans to believe that yes, Kylie Jenner is definitely/maybe/we-freakin-hope-so dropping the lingerie line we have been dreaming of.

Each of the posts pushed to a  mysterious new shop, named the KylieJennerShop.com. The countdown though... really Kylie? STOP TEASING US, IT'S TOO MUCH.

Photo credit: Kylie Jenner Shop

This is serving fans some serious hype, let's just hope it lives up to it. If the Lip Kit's are anything to go by, THIS SH*T IS GOING TO SELL LIKE HOT CAKES. (Get it, 'hot cakes', The Kardashians... LEL) 

Okay, we're done.