The bacon emoji is officially on its way to your iPhone

Pics 01/11/2016

Apple just released a beta preview of their new iOS software, and if you haven't already guessed... IT INCLUDES A FREAKIN' BACON EMOJI! 

Look, we're just gonna be honest with you. We're completely lost for words. We mean, we never thought this day would come. But today is the day, the day all of us bacon lovers can share our passion with the world.

So we thought why bore you with words, when Twitter user Robert A. Petersen's (aka @Sonikku_a) reaction basically sums it up for all us here at The Edge.

*Puts bacon as one of our hobbies on our CV* WHY? BECAUSE BEING A BACON LOVER IS A FULL-TIME JOB.

Thank you Apple, thank you for everything.