Ashley Graham makes history with her plus-size Barbie

Pics 16/11/2016

 This is super exciting news for model Ashley Graham, who teamed up with Mattel to release her very own Barbie doll! Not only are we so glad to see the brand continue to diversify with dolls in all shapes, colors and sizes, but we are so excited for Ashley and she's pretty damn excited too!

Ashley told Fashionista:

It’s really exciting that Barbie, who is an iconic figure in America, is now evolving into what we’re actually talking about today

She continued:

The best part about my Barbie is her body. Not only because it’s my body, but because it’s a body that, until the beginning of this year, wasn’t represented.


This is so important for younger generations of girls that are coming up — when they’re playing in the bathtub with their Barbie and she happens to have a rounder stomach, she’s going to feel like she’s just as beautiful because we all know Barbie is the epitome of perfect.