It looks like Scotty T might be leaving MTV's 'Geordie Shore'...

Pics 05/10/2016

Scotty T admits he needs to choose between the show and settling down with the 'love of his life' Francesca Toole.

We were pretty shocked to hear that Scotty T had revealed to MTV that he may be LEAVING Geordie Shore!

The Newcastle lad revealed that he needs to choose between the show that made him a household name, or the love of his life...

He is currently finding it near IMPOSSIBLE to juggle his relationship with Geordie Shore.

"Being on Geordie Shore is mint. I travel around the country. I work in clubs. I get to get with loads of girls all the time. 

"Now and then, you will meet someone who you fall in love with but the relationships don't work because number one you're always away and you want to spend every day with them but you can't.

"Number two, the heartache for them is hard because they've got to go through watching you on the TV show and if they want to be in the TV show, it normally gets messed up. 

"So now and then you'll meet someone, she doesn't want to be on TV, she's out of the spotlight and you fall in love with her, which I have done (with Francesca). 

"But it's hard trying to keep that life on the outside (of the show) without everyone getting involved. But I do have a love of my life, I have met her. I am seeing her, she's not in the shadows. It's like I do my job in Geordie Shore and when I'm not filming, I'm with her.

"So what you see on telly is me. But I've got to make that decision whether to take it to the next level or not, because if I do it means not being Scotty T on Geordie Shore anymore and I can't not be myself anymore."

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