Here's 9 pet Instagram accounts you need to be following

trending 27/10/2016

There's nothing wrong with following more animals than actual people on Insta... Right?

Picture this, instead of flawless #nofilter selfies and vacay pics that make you second question your entire life *look at me, I'm a mess*, your feed is flooded with cuteness and sausage dogs in costumes, and while it might be creepy to say profess your love to random humans on the Internet, these dogs and cats embrace their ever adoring fans! 

1. @snoopybabe

2. @marniethedog

3. @itsdougthepug

4. @underbiteunite

5. @pugridesshotgun

6. @patricktheminihorse

7. @goatsofanarchy

8. @crusoe_dashund

9. @tunameltsmyheart