Fleur from The Bachelor NZ just officially moved in with her boyfriend

Pics 06/10/2016

It looks New Zealand's favourite Bachelorette has finally got her happy ending!

The blonde beauty shared the exciting news that she and her new boyfriend Richard Wood had officially MOVED IN together.

She posted a pic of their new house key on Instagram, announcing the news.

Fleur confessed during a recent interview with Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell that she and Richard had both already met each others families and even said the "L" word to one another!

"It just feels so right with Richard – it’s not forced. With Jordan, for the five weeks after the final when we were hiding our relationship, it just didn’t feel right. There was always that feeling he was having doubts. With Richard, the feelings are genuine on both sides,” she told Woman's Day.

We're so happy for you guys!

[Photos: Instagram]