WATCH: Gaz BREAKS DOWN in tears when confronted with his ex gf!

Pics 09/09/2016

Geordie Shore's Gaz (Gary Beadle) cried so much he could barely speak on his date with ex-girlfriend, Lillie. 

On the most recent episode of Ex On The Beach, Gaz was confronted with his ex Lillie Gregg.

It all started when the pair decided to play 'Spin The Bottle' with the rest of the group... and let's just say, it aaaaaaaall ended in tears.

In a nutshell, Lillie kisses Stephen Bear, while Gaz watches. Then Gaz kisses Lillie, while Olivia Walsh (who he’d been sharing a bed with) watches. Then Gaz kisses Olivia, while Lillie watches... It's all pretty confusing and awkward af.

The next day Gaz and Lillie have an emotional confrontation about their past feelings for one another, and we've honestly NEVEEEEEEEEER seen Gaz cry so much!

Watch the video from MTV below:

[Photos: Getty/Instagram]