Selena Gomez has been spotted checking into rehab facility

Pics 28/09/2016

If this is true then it's reeeeeeeally sad, but also good because Selena does needs help dealing with her depression and anxiety issues.

Last month she announced that she was CANCELLING the rest of her Revival Tour due to depression, panic attacks and anxiety brought on by her Lupus diagnosis.  

According to new reports and sightings, Selena has checked herself into rehab to fight her mental health issues.

RadarOnline confirmed that she was secretly admitted to an east coast treatment facility earlier this month, "the facility is a women's only facility in a secluded wooded area. She's staying for more than 60 days."

Rehab would definitely explain her recent social media silence... 

Another source added that the rehab centre, "has a Christianity-based track, which might have been appealing given her religious background."

The facility has reportedly heightened its security quite dramatically since she checked in.

We hope you get better soon, gal!

[Photos: Getty/Instagram]