Kim Kardashian just hired a bikini BODY DOUBLE to trick Paparazzi

Pics 22/08/2016

It turns out Kim Kardashian isn't as obsessed with being photographed as we think... while on holiday she hired a body double wearing the same coloured bikini to fool the Paparazzi into thinking it was her.

Kim is currently on holiday in Mexico with her friends and her kids Saint and North.

While Kim was on the beach with her kids the photographers got up pretty close to take some snaps so the next day Kim hired a body double with the same dark long hair and curves to relax in the sun while wearing the same coloured bikini.



And as planned paparazzi thought the beautiful brunette was Kim and photographed her instead.



We certainly don't blame Kim for wanting to have a nice day with her family without having Paparazzi all around her.