Lorde went on a Twitter rant after her UBER DRIVER didn't recognise her!

Pics 28/07/2016

Note to self: Never ignore Lorde when she's your Uber passenger because she will BUUUUUUUUUUURN you!

Our 19-year-old Lorde revealed, over a hilarious string of tweets, that her Uber driver had NO CLUE who she was.

The best part of the story is that after getting in the Uber, the driver could not refrain from gushing over another A-list passenger that he'd previously just had the pleasure of driving!

He had no idea that he was in-fact in the company of yet another A-lister celeb, and Lorde just couldn't refrain from sharing the experience on Twitter (see the Tweets in the gallery above).

Ellie Goulding even chimed in with her own Uber experience!

It's okay if not eeeeeeeeeeeveryone knows who you are guys. 

[Photos: Getty/Twitter]