The new cast of 'The Block' has just been REVEALED!

Pics 13/05/2016


Niki (29) and Tiff (35) met when they were bridesmaids for one of their best friends. Tiff was the responsible one and found herself having to keep Niki in check, who was more interested in the social event, rather than doing her share of bridesmaid duties.

Tiff is currently based in Melbourne with her boyfriend of four-and-a-half years where she works as a set dresser and buyer for film and TV, but proudly hails from Wanaka. Niki is based in Christchurch and is a forensic research scientist with a Phd. Amongst other things, her job involves researching how forensic scientists make decisions about forensic evidence. Niki says that, at work, she would be perceived as rational, calm under pressure and hard working. Outside of work, she says she is the life of the party, random and charismatic.

There’s no doubt that Tiff is the creative and focused half of the duo. She is in it to win it and will be happy with nothing less than walking away with the top prize. She says she’ll be the one to make a plan to get things done in an efficient way and will keep Niki grounded. Niki says she’ll provide the light entertainment to keep them both sane.

Neither have renovation experience, but Tiff’s work basically revolves around fulfilling a creative brief for her clients, so she’ll be using those skills to their advantage.


Representing the Deep South, Dunedin girls Emma (27) and Courtney (25) are bubbly, outgoing socialites. They met four years ago through mutual friends and have been inseparable ever since. They’re so close that Emma has even taken up residence in the spare room where Courtney lives with her fiancé and cat Tasman. They expect (and hope) people will underestimate them because of their looks – it will make their victory that much sweeter.

Emma has an admin background and Courtney works for a home-ware and interior design business. They say with their skills combined, they’ll be highly organised, efficient and budget focused, and having both grown up in rural New Zealand, they’re not afraid to muck in. They agree Courtney is the practical and creative one and her main job will be to reign in Emma’s crazy ideas. Having worked for the Otago Rugby Union, Emma thinks her experience working in a male dominated environment will help her handle their tradies, and if they have any problems, they’ve got Courtney’s black belt in Tae Kwon Do to fall back on!

They both have a little renovation experience: sanding, gibbing and painting, but they’re keen to learn more.


Friends since their school days in Palmerston North, Sam (29) and Emmett (29) now flat together in the Aro Valley in Wellington. Sam is a business development manager and Emmett is an HR advisor.

Sam describes himself as ‘polite to a fault’ and sometimes ‘too honest’. He’s a huge sports lover, very social and regrets not going to university – not for the degree, but for the amount of fun he’s potentially missed out on.

Emmett sees himself as a hardworking farm boy who can get along with anyone. He’s a self-confessed sports nut who loves motor cross, hunting, diving and snowboarding.

Sam and Emmett make a hilarious pair with their catchy one-liners and deadpan humour, and they’re not afraid to make fun of themselves for a laugh. Neither have massive amounts of renovation experience. Emmett’s brother is a builder and he quite often helps him renovating his house. He’s learnt a few tips and is a handy person to have around – especially when it comes to friends being tackled through walls of rental properties. His plastering skills were solid enough to get past the landlords discerning eye – and they got their bond back!


Dyls (27) is the epitome of the Kiwi bloke, he describes himself as being, ‘outgoing; goofy; playful; caring; intelligent; unrealistically ambitious, – a tornado’. He’s fizzing with energy 24/7 and comes with an enormous amount of renovation experience – he’s a qualified builder. Dyls met his girlfriend while playing rugby in the UK, but the Kiwi lifestyle inevitably drew them back to Mount Maunganui.

The Block NZ team mate Dylz (25) also has renovation experience, but is relatively new to the game – currently working as Dyls’ apprentice. Formerly a personal trainer, he’s a total gym junkie, but decided his future lay with a trade.

Not only do Dyls and Dylz work together and share the same first name, they’ve been known to dress the same (by accident of course!). They love a bit of banter and will without a doubt be the practical jokers of this season. While building will definitely be their strength, design is something they are both swotting up on before the show. Dylz says he will take the lead when it comes to buying cushions, and they’re confident they can pull off a victory.

They work together, play together, and now they’re going to take on The Block NZ together. Will their bromance survive?

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