Liam Hemsworth just CONFIRMED if he and Miley Cyrus are having a BABY

Pics 12/05/2016

Liam Hemsworth has revealed whether or not he and Miley Cyrus are expecting a BABY any time soon! 

Rumours sparked last month that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were expecting a baby, but neither Liam or Miley wanted to comment on the speculations.

He said during an interview with "The Project" yesterday that he "would love nothing more... to announce that I have kids. But no, I don't"

Watch the video below:

Hemsworth is a beloved and highly involved uncle to his brother Chris' daughter and twin sons, but when it comes to having his own, he admits that he's just not ready.

"To be honest, I like to come in and, when the kids are happy, I'll hang out with them. But as soon as there's, you know, crying or poop or anything like that, I'm... out." 

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