REVEALED: Liam Hemsworth says he's 'NOT ENGAGED' to Miley Cyrus

Pics 15/04/2016

Today is a very sad, sad day.

It looks like we've ALL been fooled because Liam Hemsworth has confirmed that he is NOT engaged to Miley Cyrus.

It's straight from the horses mouth guys... no rumours or "sources say" for this one!

In an interview with TV Week that came out today, the Aussie actor sets the record straight when asked if he is engaged to Miley.  

He came right out and said, "I am not engaged, no."

But if they're "not engaged" then WHY is Miley wearing that MASSIVE rock on THAT finger??

We have so many questions and no answers!!! 

HOWEVER... just because they aren't engaged it doesn't mean they're not dating any more... so there's still hope, right??

[Photos: Getty/Instagram]