REVEALED: Art Green shares his opinion of Jordan on The Bachelor NZ

Pics 20/04/2016

It had to happen eventually... right?

In an exclusive interview with Woman's Day, New Zealand's first bachelor Art Green has opened up on his thoughts towards our current bachelor, Jordan Mauger and shared his thoughts on the current season of The Bachelor New Zealand. 

Obviously Art will have a tremendous amount of insight into the second season of The Bachelor New Zealand - so it's only natural for him to have an opinion on how things were done last time compared to how they're being done now.

When asked by Woman's Day about what he thought of the show after viewing week 6's episodes, he confessed that the rose ceremonies that week were "a bit boring" and that Jordan's choice of dates "were mediocre."

He went on to say, "the only believable conversation I saw was with Storm" who has since (SPOILER ALERT) been eliminated from the show.

Art said that he thought Storm and Jordan, "showed some true feelings for each other" (nawwww, so did we).

He also commented on the cringe-worthy abseiling date where two girls fell and one cried, saying that "perhaps the production team need to reassess their dates."

He went onto say that Jordan also, "needs to select his datees more thoughtfully."

[Photos: Instagram/Supplied]