PHOTOS: These pics of the world's first UNDERWATER train are insane!

Pics 21/04/2016

We have GOT to ride this thing! 

The world's FIRST underwater "bullet train" is under-way and will drive UNDER THE SEA in India.

Passengers will get the THRILL of riding under the sea (like, literally) while travelling between Mumbai and Ahmedabad in the FIRST underwater train.

It is worth noting that China also announced that they were planning to build an underwater train to America back in 2014, which has to begin planning.

While there are already trains that do go UNDER the ocean floor, this one is to sit ON-TOP of the ocean floor, giving passengers a view of the ocean surroundings. 

The 21km long railway will be enclosed within a see-through tunnel, confirmed a senior Railway Ministry official.

The project is expected to take an estimated 15 years before completion.