Peter Jackson is going to remake 'The NeverEnding Story'

Pics 15/01/2016

If you were born in the late 80's/early 90s you'll be excited about this!

Peter Jackson has confirmed that he is going to remake The NeverEnding Story and we are SO EXCITED.

The LOTR director was quoted saying:  

"I am very excited to get away from Middle Earth if only for a little while. At first I was a bit cautious about returning to fantasy but I read the book and fell in love with it. I was already a fan of the film. Especially the Limahl song [sings] ‘NeverEnding Story, do-de-do-de-de-do-de-de-do!"

But how is he going to do it? It's so freaking long? 

"At first I thought it’s going to be impossible to slim down into one film. I wanted to do a simple 90 minute story. But then I realised, who am I kidding? The title is the clue. So we’re going to make fifteen films back-to-back and no one in New Zealand need never go hungry or on holiday again."

It also looks like the film will have a bit of a LOTR twist... the official synopsis reads:

"Based on the Michael Ende novel, the film will tell the story of Bastian Bux (Elijah Wood), a young boy who is bullied at school and finds his only escape in books and in particular a book which transports him to a land called Fantasia ruled by a sick princess (Cate Blanchett) who lives in an ivory tower with no sense of irony.  She summons a young warrior called Atreyu (Orlando Bloom) to set and defeat the Nothing (George Lucas in his first major acting role) which threatens the land."


This is a satirical article from The Studio Exec