The Edge presents Niall Horan

The Edge is stoked to present Niall Horan!

The Edge is stoked to present Niall Horan!

Renowned global icon, Niall Horan, has finally announced that he is heading to New Zealand in April of 2024! The tour will tie into the release of his latest studio album ‘The Show’, bringing his melodic prowess to audiences down under for the first time since 2018, with the ‘Flicker World Tour’.

Since the success of his debut album "Flicker" in 2017, Niall has been on an unstoppable streak. He’s given us multiple hit singles, including ‘Slow Hands’, ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, and ‘This Town’. His latest album, "The Show," has already produced some of his biggest hits to date, including "Heaven" and

As part of the chart-dominating One Direction, Niall has sold over 80 million records and toured the globe numerous times. Now with 'The Show', Niall embarks on a new era in his career, as he strives to provide solace and connection to his tirelessly devoted fans.

With his unique blend of pop, rock, and folk, Niall is set to deliver an unforgettable show that will create lasting memories. Get ready for an evening filled with surprises and laughter as Niall Horan takes the stage!

Pre-order ‘The Show’ album from JB Hi-Fi prior to 12.00 pm on 29 May for early access the JB Hi-Fi Tour presale from 12.00 pm on Wednesday 31 May.

Dates & Ticketing

26 April
Spark Arena
The Edge presents Niall Horan